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"Lapses in attention when you go to the park."


The problem that this idea aims to solve is the risk of a child getting separated from their parents or caregivers in crowded areas, such as parks, shopping centers, or public events. It is normal for parents to occasionally lose sight of their young children, leading to moments of anxiety and the uncertainty of their whereabouts.


The proposed solution is to develop a wearable device that allows parents/grandparents/caregivers to receive some form of alert (such as a vibration) when their child has moved away at a pre-established distance. This device would be connected to both the child and the parents or caregivers. Technologies like GPS and wireless connectivity could be utilized to determine the child's real-time location.

The device could start blinking if the child is far from their caregiver. This way, people around will know they should take action and help the child.


The target market for this device would be parents and caregivers of young children, particularly those who frequently visit crowded places such as theme parks, shopping malls, festivals, and beaches. It could also be useful for caregivers of elderly individuals or people with disabilities who may be at risk of getting separated from their caregivers.

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