Convert your tech ideas into real product

Experts from around the world, will help you turn your ideas into a functional prototype – in an easy, economical and different way.

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Multiple experts, incredible results

Engineers, Product Designers and Makers from around the world, will compete among themselves to bring you the best solution. Discover how the value of your ideas increases with a simple click from home.

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Total refund if you don’t fall in love.
Each contest and its proposals are absolutely confidential and protected.

LastBasic proposals

LastBasic proposals

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Control every aspect of the design process

From sketches to manufacturing, you will decide everything. Once you send us the briefing, receive and select your favorite proposals from each contest.


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Give feedback to improve results or let the experts take control.Three different contests to reach the best results

* Design + Hardware + Manufacture

Discover the scope of your ideas

Receive your functional prototype at home and discover all the possibilities of your creation.

When you get it, flaunt it.


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Create a kickstarter campaign to promote your idea. Validate your project with investors

LastBasic prototype

LastBasic prototype