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Display your NFTs in real life

A new way for showing your art

Designed for perfection

Show off your artwork in the display that it deserves with this modern acrylic design. The backlit technology brings your NFT art to life with a true digital look.

There is no need to worry about outlets or power sources with our self-contained rechargeable battery-powered frames. Displays last up to 6+ hours on battery power or can be plugged into a wall for constant 24/7 power.

Our custom-made magnetic standoffs give you maximum style and utility. You can easily remove your frame from the wall to recharge it and snap it back into place when you’re ready.

Interchangeable Images

The magnetic front window makes swapping out your NFTs a breeze so you can change out your images with your mood or environment. Additional images without the frame are available for purchase.

Our special backlit material is designed to look like gallery-quality art during the day and a digital masterpiece when backlit.

Customize the Vertical Backlit Display to include the NFT information and a QR code to quickly find your NFT and verify ownership.

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A screen to display your NFTs on a wall, as if they were art
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