Appropiate technology. Energy harvesting device
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Energy harvesting device

Appropriate Technology . Same philosophy as "Soocket" ,"GravityLight" , "The PlayPump" projects.

Problem :

Electricity is a fundamental pillar for the development and well-being of any community. However, in many regions, especially in remote or disadvantaged areas, access to electricity is scarce or non-existent. This lack not only complicates daily tasks such as lighting homes or charging devices but also hinders access to educational, health, and commercial opportunities that depend on electric power. Moreover, traditional solutions often require costly infrastructures, a high initial investment, or rely on non-renewable energy sources that can be harmful to the environment and are not sustainable in the long run. The challenge is even greater when considering that, in these communities, resources and materials to establish such infrastructures tend to be scarce or inaccessible. "Appropriate Technology" aims precisely to solve problems of this nature by offering solutions adapted to local realities and needs. However, it often faces the challenge of designing technologies that are effective, sustainable, and that utilize local materials and knowledge.


A device that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy. This stored energy can be used later to power electrical devices, including small equipment.

There's a concept for a device that could harness and convert kinetic energy from daily activities into electrical power. This idea would rely on the use of materials readily available in the region and would be grounded in the principles of "Appropriate Technology". The proposed design would allow community involvement in its eventual assembly and maintenance, fostering long-term sustainability and empowerment. Theoretically, when used, the device would capture energy from common activities such as walking, cycling, or other kinetic-based actions, storing it for future use. This stored energy could then power various electrical devices. By tailoring the concept to the realities of local communities, this prototype would offer a renewable and easily accessible energy source in areas with limited electrical infrastructure.

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