Shopping "Kart " kit
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Transporting groceries from the supermarket to home can be exhausting for many individuals. Whether walking a few blocks or navigating public transportation, carrying heavy bags can be physically challenging and uncomfortable. This inconvenience can limit the amount of shopping done on each supermarket visit, as people often don't buy everything they would like to avoid being weighed down and dealing with uncomfortable bags, regardless of age or physical condition.


The proposed solution is a device that can be attached to personal shopping trolleys, providing motorized assistance to alleviate the effort of pushing or pulling the trolley. In this way, users can make all the necessary purchases without worrying about how to carry them home. Similar to how an electric bike assists with pedaling, this device would offer "extra power" when moving the trolley, making the task significantly less strenuous and more enjoyable. Users could adjust the level of assistance according to their needs, and the device would incorporate safety features such as automatic brakes and sensors to prevent collisions.


This device has a large potential market, as it could benefit nearly anyone who engages in regular shopping. This includes individuals of all ages and fitness levels. People looking to make the transportation of their groceries from the store to their homes more efficient and comfortable would find this device very beneficial. Additionally, it could be an attractive product for online retailers and companies specializing in home and lifestyle goods.

In summary, the proposed device has the potential to transform the grocery transportation experience, making it a more comfortable and less physically demanding activity, akin to how electric bikes have revolutionized commuting.

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