José David
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About me

I consider myself a frontend web developer with design soul, although I work such as backend on a regular basis.

To be honest, I´m a big fan of Web and Android hub. Now, I am building progresive WebApp with different frameworks.

My professional skills lead me to help other people: share knowledge and tech. In addition, I´m working in Cordoba´s University such us Help Desk in Workshops, Congresses, courses and so on ...

I love playing retro videogames, and I´m hooked on Mame32 Emulator and Nintendo Ness.

I´m a big fan of WordPress and I´m in love with their community. Last year, I was in charge of WordCamp Europe 2022 as volunteer.

Apart from that, I´m presently working in Fundecor as web developer and consultant. I always want to improve my skills and I look foward to hearing new ideas and projects.

Short biography
Fundación universitaria para el desarrollo de la provincia de Córdoba