Shopping cart for the elder
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In a world brimming with technological marvels, from smartphones to self-driving cars, we often forget that certain groups, like our beloved elderly citizens, still grapple with daily challenges. The simple act of lugging heavy grocery bags can be a Herculean task, and in congested urban areas, relying on cars isn't always feasible. The struggle intensifies in hilly terrain, highlighting the urgent need for tailored solutions to ease the burdens of our senior population.

Within this context, the concept of a shopping cart monitoring kit was born – an idea poised to make a meaningful impact.

Now, this concept is a blank canvas waiting to be painted. It's a tabula rasa, and nothing is set in stone.

Challenge Brief:

Your mission is to craft a “preliminary sketch” or “thumbnail sketch design” that visualizes the potential appearance of the shopping cart monitoring kit. Dive into the realm of basic geometric shapes to manifest the product's final look and accentuate its key features, such as the coupling mechanism.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Create a sketch with line art.
  • Utilize a 3-value scale for highlights and shadows.
  • Do not use color.
  • Present one main perspective view.
  • Include a recognizable reference element to provide a rough sense of scale for your drawing.
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