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Sketch contest

Experts will start sending you their proposals. You'll receive concept sketches based on your idea. Provide feedback and choose the winning design you want to develop.

3D design contest

The expert community will compete to design more realistic 3D visuals of your concept; you choose the winner.


Design for Manufacturing

This additional service will include: - Guarantee that your prototype can be manufactured - Selection of up to 3 manufacturers - Includes manufacturer quotations


Mechanical engineering contest

The LastBasic mechanical engineers will put together their proposal of solutions for how the mechanics of your product will work. You pick the best one. Mechanical manufacturing does not include testing

Optional Extras...

Business Mentoring Programme ($0)

Start thinking like a business and turn your idea into a project plan. Get ready to communicate and sell your future project. Take your project to the next level from an initial prototype requirements sheet to a compelling product concept to persuade investors and future buyers. INDIVIDUAL = $575 (1 session + 1 report) This mentoring consists of a single two hour session with our mentors. After the session, a structured 3-5 page resume is provided to you. It is personalised service addressed to building a precise definition of your product that you can properly communicate it to a variety of audiences at this stage. (i.e. LastBasic Engineers, potential users, buyers and investors) and set the basis for a future business plan. COMPLETE = $2500 (5 sessions + project) The Mentoring consist of 5 sessions of 2 hours duration each with our mentors. After the 5 sessions, a Project Plan is provided to you. During the sessions, we work with you, together, on one single goal: jump from an initial prototype requirements sheet to a compelling and structured project plan to set the next steps, engage future buyers and attract investors. The sessions cover the most important aspects: product definition, business model, technology roadmap, marketing and financing. Sessions can be booked separately or as a full package.

IP Assessment and Registrations ($0)

This service will include a previous FREE identification call with the lawyers to find t about your re needs. Once identified the needs, you can choose from the following services. Free identification call: A free pre-arranged meeting or call with our intellectual property lawyers to talk through your invention and identify areas of IP which may be capable of patent, trade marks and/or design protection. Our IP lawyers can carry out separate searches for patents, trade marks and designs to identify whether there are existing similar IP being used and may impact upon your ability to use or register your own IP. Fees for each search in the UK are set out below. Any searches carried outside of the UK will be quoted at the time. - Patent Search $1.315US - Trade mark and design search $820US - Patent protection Quote upon request - Trademark and design protection Quote upon request

Basic App development for IoT prototypes only ($0)

Have an loT/connected invention idea and need to create an APP to make it work? have a look at our prices: - Mobile APP with UX/UI (responsive, bluetooth connection and control features) $625US - Web APP with UX/UI (responsive, bluetooth connection and control features) $750US

Crowdfunding support ($2775)

Learn all the processes, tips and tricks to validate the market in a 12 week programme for your project by using crowdfunding to: - generate the capital you need - gain visibility for your project - get real feedback from real users - funding from real customers

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