Need to make a prototype?

We know that turning ideas into products by traditional consultancies is always a long and tedious process, with additional associated costs.

While you only want to do product design and a working prototype to validate concepts and attract investors.

However, there are easier and more affordable ways to turn your idea into a functional prototype.


We can make your first product prototype


Make Your Prototype Today

But how can you do it?

If you have an amazing idea for a tech product and you need help inventing it …

… follow our 7-step approach to start making your prototype a reality:

  1. Select a Price Package.
  2. Fill in a short form and get your free validation.
  3. If it is feasible, you only have to make the downpayment.
  4. Start creating a Project Card with our team.
  5. Our global experts will start sending you proposals.
  6. Give feedback and pick a winner.
  7. Receive your prototype at home.

What not to worry about:

  • We only need a short description to check feasibility.
  • Your ideas are always protected with us through a confidentiality agreement.
  • You are the sole owner of your intellectual property.
  • We don’t charge for validating the idea, it’s free!
  • Our community of experts will help you to create it through your indications.
  • You are always in control of all processes.


Make Your Prototype Today
Don't worry be happy with LastBasic

What ideas can we turn into prototypes?

Devices that shoot, fly or produce chemical reactions WE Don’t do Automobiles or motor-driven devices Software development Non-technological creams and/or beauty products Medical devices requiring medical certification Product ideas for small and medium-sized devices WE do Products ideas with electronic and/or mechanical components Products ideas that can be connected or fit into IoT * category * (Internet of Things)

Success story of a real prototype

Working Police Officer, Abraham G. had an idea on how his invention could save the lives of countless children with a simple, cleverly designed swim cap. He had no experience in developing a product prototype and was new to the world of invention.

With our help, he created and developed Delfiup, a children’s swim cap with drowning alerts and inflatable life-saving technology built into its core.

“I brought my invention to life with LastBasic! I had been meaning to create Delfiup for many years, but had no idea how to go about the process until I met LastBasic. Their community of experts is very helpful and great to work with.”

Abraham G. – CEO, Delfiup


Make Your Prototype Today
Create a business around your product prototype

Want to create a business around your product prototype?

Start thinking like an entrepreneur and turn your idea into a business project plan.

Is it for me? Yes. We work with you, with a single goal: to move from an initial prototype requirements sheet to a compelling, structured project plan to establish next steps, engage future buyers and attract investors.

Find all these additional services in our platform.


Make Your Prototype Today

Make your prototype today

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