Expert FAQs

Getting Started

  • How does LastBasic work?
    LastBasic is a platform that connects inventors with the potential experts who help make their ideas a reality.
  • How does the LastBasic Process work?
    The LB process has 4 independent phases, and for each phase requires different skillsets. The four phases are: Sketching, 3D modeling, Engineering, and Prototyping. Each phase has its own contest where you as an expert can bid on and potentially win each one if the client picks your proposals.
  • What types of products are on the LastBasic platform?
    We receive all kinds of projects with different complexity and from different sectors. We focus on consumer products, IOT devices, and product ideas with innovative user experiences.
  • How do I sign up as a LastBasic Expert?
    Signing up for LastBasic is free. Only registered users can bid on the project contests and potentially win more than one of contests depending on their qualification. To join LastBasic, click here.
  • Why do I have to fill out an expert briefing?
    Filling out the briefing helps us to validate your skills, abilities, and experience as an expert. In addition, the information helps us send you the best projects that fit well with your unique profile and experience.

Profile, Platform and Community

  • What are the requirements to be a part of the Expert community?
    After filling out the "Become and Expert" Typeform and if your background meets the needs of the projects you will be added to the community. If your expertise aligns with the project requirements and you are willing to participate in the contests, LastBasic will activate your access to our active projects.
  • How do I join a contest?
    Once you are registered with LastBasic, you will receive an welcome email with the instructions. If you selected to join our Expert Telegram group, you will recieve a link to become a member. Join the group and stay up to date on new projects there. If you do not select to join the Telegram group, we will continue to send you direct emails to notify you or new projects to join until the platform is developed.
  • What happens if I win a contest?
    The winning expert will receive a payment at the end of each contest from LastBasic. The reward amount for winning each proposal contest is: Sketch (200), 3D Design (300), Electrical Engineering (500), and Mechanical Engineering (500).
  • What happens if I don't win a contest?
    The client selects a winner to advance to the next stage. If you are not selected by the client, don't worry, you can always continue participating in the following stages of the process (if you are qualified for it) and having a new chance to earn the next reward.
  • How do the multi-disciplinary Expert teams work together?
    All LastBasic Experts collaborate and interact remotely via the LastBasic platform.

Payments and Invoices

  • As an expert, how do I get paid?
    Expert payments are currently made by bank transfer, which is the most immediate. but we are integrating (which would also be part of the platform) Stripe as an efficient gateway that centralizes all payments securely.
  • Does LastBasic work qualify as freelancing?
    Yes. LastBasic expert work qualifies as freelance work.
  • Can I join more than one phase of the project?
    Yes, you can participate in the three contests and win all them all depending on your expertise. We are implementing as well bonus payments for rewarding your extra efforts and commitment to LastBasic.
  • How can I manage my billing information to recieve payments?
    Currently, LastBasic will notify you directly when you win contests for your payment information. Once complete, our platform will allow you to update your billing information in your Expert Profile. Stay tuned...
  • Where does the legal responsibility fall on for the design? With Lastbasic or the Expert?
    The final prototype design is owned by the client. If the prototype is later marketed as a production product, it is the owner of the product who assumes the legal responsibilities.

More questions and answers

  • Do you need more help?
    Chat directly with our team to solve your doubts.