Client FAQs

About Lastbasic

  • What is LastBasic?
    We are an engineering platform which delivers hardware technological solutions for the creation and development of functional prototypes for Startups, SMEs and individuals, in an easy and economical way. We put the ideas in contact with a community of experts who'll help to make them real.
  • How does LastBasic work?
    The LastBasic Platform is the core technology and revenue generator behind the marketplace that will guide users like yourself through the development process of your idea. The revolutionary LastBasic guiding process will be driven by the community and it will be assisted by AI-driven tools, in order to minimize the cost to develop novel ideas and disrupt the traditional market by automating the creation process. The LastBasic platform will connect you with hardware experts, designers and suppliers in order to get your product developed.

How do I proceed

  • How do I fill out correctly the briefing?
    The briefing is an essential part of the product development process. It will ask you very generic information but we need it in order to understand the scope of the project and understand the project’s feasibility. Fill it out as much as you can, it will help us give you the most accurate proposal.
  • How do I pay LastBasic?
    There are 3 upfront package fees which trigger the start of any project. Without the upfront payment we will not get started – this is a necessary first step.

    Each package entitles you to a different level of quality and these will only be paid once – we will not charge you more during the process – it is a one-and-only payment per project. We use a Stripe payment gateway to guarantee the safety of your payment and comfort.
  • What happens if I cancel the development process?
    You can cancel the process during the design stage but not after this. If when you receive your designs, if you don’t select any, you may ask for a total reimbursement. If you agree to one of the designs, the money stays in LastBasic and the development process continues.
  • How is the reimbursement done?
    Through bank transfer.
  • How do I send my comments in each development phase?
    You will be asked to download SLACK to interact with us and the experts throughout the development process. You will be guided by us into each phase so that you can participate and be a part of the entire production process.
  • What do I get once the development phase has reached its end?
    You get your functional prototype sent to you, plus all the designs during the process itself.
  • I want to manufacture my idea
    That is a further stage of the product development. Once you create your prototype and raised the funding for manufacturing, patented the idea and created your business plan and your startup, then you can jump into manufacturing. Some day soon, we hope to help you out with all these stages but at the moment we only get as far as the prototyping.
  • How is the prototype sent home?
    We send it to you via courier.

Idea Protection

  • Is my idea is protected when I fill out the briefing?
    You don’t have to go into all the details when filling out the briefing, just some generic information so that we can understand the scope of the project. Once filled out and the payment has taken place, you can request for an NDA agreement which will ensure full ownership of your idea throughout the development process.

The Experts

  • What sort of engineers are there in the community and how are they classified?
    We have engineers of different countries and experiences. When an expert subscribes to our community they are classified according to their experience, work portfolio, certifications and awards. Depending on the scope of the project they are assigned in accordance to their categorization.


  • My company wants to develop prototypes with you, how should I proceed?
    Nothing changes, just enter the platform and click on start a project to fill out the briefing. Whilst if you want to reach a long term partnership agreement, please write to us at, and our Head of Marketing will get in touch with you.