The 10 most incredible inventions of 2021 + one more (part II)

The 10 most incredible inventions of 2021 + one more (part II)


Nov 15, 2022

Read the second part of the 10 most incredible inventions of 2021

The folding wheelchair that fits in a suitcase

The Revolve Air is a folding wheelchair, and it’s small enough to fit on an airplane! The wheel features a central hub, six folding aluminum frames that replace traditional spokes, and an aluminum rim divided into six interlocking sections, each of which is lined with a foam-filled tire.

A locking mechanism in the hub keeps the assembly in the shape of a conventional wheel when in use. However, when it comes time to store the wheel, the release of that mechanism allows the two sides of the hub to separate from each other, so that the “spoke” and rim sections can be folded and stored between them, like the ribs of an umbrella.

Children learn to program by driving

The Indi is a car equipped with sensors that children can program using colored cards. This allows them to learn basic programming concepts, such as chaining commands and solving problems using only specific commands while having fun. The idea is to create different types of circuits by dodging traps and obstacles with the cards. There are also puzzles that children have to solve, which is equivalent to creating an application: they have a task and have to solve it using only the available commands (the program code).

The Sphero Indi is programmed by means of colored cards that it reads as it passes over it. Each card transmits a different command. For example, the pink card makes it turn 90º to the left and the blue card 90º to the right. The red one stops the car and the green one accelerates it. There are cards for turning 45º, moving slowly or celebrating.

With this color coding, children learn basic programming concepts such as chaining commands and solving problems using only specific commands while having fun.

Mega Cyborg Hand might be your child’s next toy

Mega Cyborg Hand is a giant hydraulic hand, a STEAM toy, that children can use on top of their hand. The hand requires assembly from scratch, uses no batteries or motors, and relies on those hydraulic pistons to make the individual fingers move. Only the integrated reservoir needs to be filled with water to make it work.

This hydraulic hand becomes a suitable hands-on lesson in various engineering concepts that both children and parents may find useful in the future. Assembling it requires following instructions and using tools that come with it, such as screwdrivers, pliers and wrenches. It is recommended for ages 10 years old and up, but may require adult supervision for younger children as some parts may be too small for them to grasp safely by themselves

Water Walker: aqua exercise machine, spa and shower

The Water Walker & Spa is an aquatic exercise machine designed to function as both a shower and spa.

The Water Walker allows you to exercise your entire body while standing in water. It uses your body weight to provide resistance, so you don’t have to worry about straining your back or joints. Plus, the design of this quirky invention allows you to exercise with your arms outstretched in front of you, so you can get fit without having to hold on to anything.

They say you start noticing the benefits almost immediately: you’ll improve balance and coordination, as well as increase flexibility and strength in just a few weeks. You’ll also notice improvements in your cardiovascular fitness, your digestive system and your circulation.

EyeRide: head up display

The EyeLights’ EyeRide Motorcycle Helmet Head Up Display System has a lot of the same features as other head-up display systems, but it also has a few unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

The EyeRide system is designed to work with both smartphones and tablets, so you can view maps, music controls, and more. It also includes an integrated camera that allows you to record your ride from any angle.

This device also comes with a blind spot detection system that alerts you when another vehicle is close by on either side of your bike. You can customize this feature to alert you if there’s an object in your path ahead or behind you as well.

You can adjust brightness levels on the screen to help prevent eye strain during long rides or when riding at night or dawn/dusk hours when light levels are lower than during daylight hours.

Plus: Xiaomi retro hand warmer power bank

If you’re the type of person who loves to take a little extra time in the morning to make sure that you’re fully charged before heading out into the world, then we’ve got a product for you.

The Xiaomi Power Bank is a compact device with a limited capacity of 5,000mAh inside a body made of ABS and aluminum to conduct heat. The interesting thing about it is that it can reach a temperature of 52°C in just 5 seconds, thus warming the user’s hands while charging their smartphone in the process.

Another peculiar aspect of this Xiaomi Power Bank is its retro radio-style design, which incorporates two buttons to control its functions and a small display that indicates the current temperature and remaining charge.

Xiaomi ensures that protections have been put in place to prevent any kind of mishap, starting with the fire-resistant ABS material its body is made of. It also has overcharge protection and automatic shutdown.  It comes in three color options: green, red and pink. It costs 138 yuan (20 USD) at the moment.